Private Placement Markets to Expand into Life Insurance & Annuities in the Spring of 2021.

Steve Muehler today announced that Private Placement Markets will be Expand into Life Insurance and Annuity Brokerage in the Spring of 2021.

Steve Muehler, the Founder & Senior Managing Member of Private Placement Markets today announced the firm is expanding its new Insurance Brokerage, which is set to begin offering Commercial Insurance Products starting this month, by including Life Insurance and Annuities starting in the Spring of 2021.

According to Steve Muehler, “given our vast relationships with many Life Insurance Companies through out the United States through our Commercial Real Estate Financing operations, it only made sense to include Life Insurance and Annuities with out forthcoming Commercial Insurance Products and Services.”

Steve Muehler went on to state that, “our research of the market shows that roughly 1 in 5 individuals believe they are under insured with their current life insurance policies. Of that number, more than half visited life insurance company websites to research information on the subject, and about 33% either purchased or is currently reviewing Life Insurance options. We believe after this second major recession in the last decade or so, more people are going to be looking to really secure their financial positions for today and for the long-term, and we feel adding the Life Insurance and Annuity Products of our financial partners is a great complement to our already vast portfolio of financial services and products.”

The Private Placement Markets is a growing global provider of alternative asset trading, Alternative Trading System (“ATS”) technology, listing, information and private / public company services. Through its diverse portfolio of solutions, the Private Placement Markets enables Entrepreneurs and Business Managers to plan, optimize and execute their business vision with confidence, using advanced technologies that provide transparency and insight for navigating today's Global Alternative Investments many Capital Markets. As the creator of the world's first set of Private Placement Markets, its technology powers more than 68 market segments and is growing it operations over the next 24-months to include 50 countries.

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